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  • The CouncilMAN portable conference system is perfect for conference rooms and speaking engagements that require interaction and voice amplification among several speakers. This system is the most portable and easy-to-use conference system on the market. It is the perfect solution for groups who require..
  • The Seville lectern brings an air of strength and integrity to any presentation. With its built-in sound system and rich oak finish, the Seville is at home on stage, in an elegant hotel or in the university auditorium. The wireless model allows the presenter to use a projector or white board with a..
  • The PortaCom is the wired intercom that defined the industry. It is a high-performance two channel, full duplex wired intercom system that is easy to operate and setup. It is expandable, portable, and rack mountable. The durable, lightweight beltpacks are powered by the AC base station. With up to 20..
  • The AN-1000X+ is an extremely versatile powered speaker monitor. With a powerful 107 dB of crystal clear sound, you can easily fill the room with your voice or music. The AN-1000X+ operates on AC power when connected to a power source. It is stand and rack mountable and also includes an optional built-in..
  • With the AN-130+, you can do it all. This powered speaker monitor is lightweight, powerful, and easy to use. The optional built-in wireless receiver allows for a completely hands free presentation. The speaker monitor comes in black or white and includes numerous inputs and outputs for versatility. It..
  • The AN-135+ is a lightweight, easy to use powered speaker monitor. It operates on AC power when connected to a power source. The speaker monitor comes in black or white. It is stand and rack mountable and can also be placed on a shelf, desk, or AV cart. With crystal clear sound, fill the room with your..
  • The AN-30 is the ideal solution for the install market. Its small size and weight meet the requirements of install projects that require a powered speaker monitor effortlessly mounted on a wall or ceiling. Though it may be small, the AN-30 packs a punch and easily fills a typical sized conference room..
  • The AN-MINI/MiniVox Lite is a powerful personal portable PA system. It is compact and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere – perfect for on the go! Designed for both voice amplification and music, this public address system is completely versatile. The AN-MINI is stand mountable; however, it can..
  • The RescueMAN and TourVox battery powered portable public address systems are designed for first responders and tour guides requiring voice amplification on the go. With 100 dB of crystal clear sound and a lightweight, wearable enclosure, these PA systems are designed to be used by anyone and heard over..
  • The Little Big Horn is a lightweight megaphone that is portable, easy to use, and loud. This traditional hand held bull horn will project your voice clearly and distinctly. Its siren alert button will surely grab everyone’s attention. Use the Little Big Horn for group settings, crowd control, emergency..
  • The Go Getter is the perfect portable sound system for the budget conscience customer. It is ideal for both voice and background music in an indoor and outdoor setting – making it truly versatile. The Go Getter is lightweight and easy to transport and set up on a speaker stand. Its easy to use back..
  • The Explorer Pro is a lightweight portable sound system. It is small and easy to transport. The Explorer is designed to provide intelligible voice amplification and is also great for music.

    The Explorer is a lightweight stand mountable portable sound system that offers up to two built-in wireless..


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